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Digitizing glasplate photographs

I recently started a side project of cleaning and digitizing at DTU ( Technical University of Denmark) in the department of Technological History. They have a nice collection of glass lanterns and glass plate negatives depicting building of bridges from 1910 and upward. The images have been used for teaching students about different types of bridges and some of the photographs were taken by the university professors themselves. Some of them are quite beautiful and I’m sure I will be posting some more at a later stage. 

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Today in the lab….

Graduate Conservation Assistant Laura Panadero builds sunken housing for eight Daguerrotypes and Ambrotypes. The Ethafoam surroundings keep these delicate images from shifting, and the soft Tyvek lining protects the leather covers from abrasion. Small tabs of Tyvek are secured under the mountings and allow the Daguerrotypes to be pulled up easily, thus reducing the potential for further damage. One Daguerrotype had been separated from its case and required a special 2-level mount to hold the metal mat away from the image surface.

Fales Library & Special Collections

Elizabeth Robins Papers

Fales Family Collection acc.2003.029

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Robert Capa in China

My dear friend and photo historian Rixt Bosma, is giving a presentation this evening at Amsterdam University Library about Robert Capa, based on the book Photography meets Film: Capa, Ivens and Fernhout in China, 1938

There will also be a screening of the documentary “Robert Capa in Love and War by Anne Makepeace. 

It’s all happening at 18.00 on this address:

P.C.Hoofthuis (1 Floor)

Spuistraat 134, Amsterdam

At 18:00 , Zaal: 1.15

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