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IADA conference - here I come

Tonight I’m leaving for the Book and Paper Conservators conference in Bern. Looking forward to see fellow conservators and hear about the newest research.

It’s going to be some what of an adventure since I am taking the night train from Amsterdam to Basel. Also it is the first conference I’m attending, where I’m actually a speaker.

When I am back I will post some of my notes from the days (and photos). Until then there are some smaller posts coming up.

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Paper and Water - A book review

A while back I was talking about this book that I borrowed from a fellow conservator. I have finally had some time to read a bit and check out the included DVD.

This book is the most comprehensive and detailed book about paper and water I have seen. It explains the physical and chemical properties of paper and water, also when treating paper objects. I would have loved to have had this book when I was studying, where everything is in one place instead of hundreds of copies from different articles and books.

paper and water book

The book gives you great insight into what properties the water and paper has, as well as explaining how paper degrades and reacts to water. How the paper reacts on different methods for washing, de-acidifying and drying paper works is described elaborately. For example, when washing a paper, depending on what method you use, the water will diffuse into the paper or run through in different ways, pushing the dirt or colors in different directions. 

However if you are looking for a book that explains how exactly to use the different treatments, it is not the book for you. It is not easy, coffee table, reading and maybe not a book you need to look up everytime you do a treatment, but to fully understand the properties and to recall what actually happens, it is a great book.

The DVD has small videos that support some of the explanations in the book, which in some cases are nice to see in action. In the end I don’t think the DVD gives that much extra, but I guess it’s a nice addition. 

All in all, this book is a must have for any paper conservator. 

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